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Compact Control Design Limited provide custom electronic product design and a range of off-the-shelf modules. We supply development, software, firmware and support services worldwide.  


Compact Control Design Limited was established in August 2005 by Andy Watts. The criteria was to provide quality electronic design and development services under contract. This aim was developed further in March 2007 by providing a range of products/modules for sale on the internet. Our products/modules are  available for customers to manufacture under license. Pricing of our designs is competitive to include the hobby electronic market.


The company specializes in the following activities -

  • Design of electronic control systems, for small to medium size equipment

  • Specialized power supply design, particularly low noise power supplies

  • Electronic safety interlock designs

  • PIC Micro controller firmware development

  • PC software development using C++ and visual studio

  • PCB design and layout

We provide contracting design and support services for a number of customers including a world leading manufacturer of analytical research systems.


Our senior electronics design engineer has over 25 years experience in firmware and software development and analog and digital electronics. He has experience in the design engineering of safety systems, having worked for some years in the aerospace industry where he developed and evaluated redundant control systems for aircraft. With one particular company he developed the majority of their electronics. This included all the control and safety systems for a new scientific instrument, which is now one of the most important products within that company.

For general enquiries, e-mail us at enquiries@compactcontrol.co.uk


For sales enquiries, e-mail us at sales@compactcontrol.co.uk


For contracting, design and support services, e-mail us at design@compactcontrol.co.uk




Sales: 01709 858703 (UK)        +441709 858703 (outside UK)


Design: 07894 290209 (UK)     +447894 290209 (outside UK)


Fax: 01260 501196 (UK)        +441260 501196 (outside UK)


Compact Control Design Limited

46 Nelson Road



DN12 1AT


Company number: 5528711